Collection: Spring Collection Scented Candles

This collection is a celebration of the beautiful spring days with super blooms of the best classic florals that are uniquely hand-blended with complementary notes to create a symphony of spring fragrances that are so addictive yet fresh & true to nature.

Choose from:

  • Rose Garden - Our sensual blend. A delicate floral medley, with hints of grass and foliage, with slight grounding & malty notes. It smells like a full-bodied rose garden with an airy finish.
  • House of Jasmine - Sweet, floral, aromatic and velvety deep. Smells just like the favorite Mediterranean flower but with a rounded finish.
  • Lavender Fields - Deeply calming, herbaceous, fresh clean floral with a balsamic undertone, finished with earthy and warm notes. Smells like lavender fields growing alongside herbs de Provence farms.
  • Deep Breath - Refreshing, clean, camphorous, airy eucalyptus with a minty complement and touch of herb inside an ozonic forest. It truly is a breath of fresh air.