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Where every scent tells a story. Nostalgic artifacts handcrafted with sustainable, non-toxic, natural ingredients and clean fragrances

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Spring Collection Scented Candles

This collection is a celebration of the beautiful spring days with super blooms of the... 

Reed Diffusers are here!

A low maintenance and flameless home scenting experience. Explore our new elegant diffuser scents

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The Winter Collection

Each scent is hand-curated to take you down memory lane with some... 

Elegant Bouquet Candles

Our most intricate custom design, handcrafted to resemble the scent & experience of a flower bouquet. A Limited Collection!

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Signature Collection Scented Candles

Welcome to our Signature Collection. These year-round scents are timeless, elevated and evoke... 

Sculptural Candle Collection

Truly unique, aesthetically-pleasing, conversation starting decorative artifacts ready to grace your coffee table, mantle,... 

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Our Offerings are here to help you safely scent your home in wonderful nostalgia! Shop all our collections here

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