Collection: Signature Collection Scented Candles

Welcome to our Signature Collection. These year-round scents are timeless, elevated and evoke deep nostalgic memories. It may evoke something unique to each of us, but collectively they transport us to a place, a feeling or a beloved memory. This collection is hand-curated with our most luxurious ingredients and original complex blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

Choose from:

  • Olive Oil & Zataar - Our first original scent. Herbal, mineral, peppery & bright, it smells exactly like the beloved herb mix & the finest single origin extra virgin olive oil.
  • Local Cafe - Spicy, rich, creamy and sweet. Smells like your favorite local coffee shop and the best cardamom espresso latte ever. 
  • Earth after Rain - Deeply earthy, green, ozonic & clean. Smells like the air outside after a good soak of rain, wet soil & green dewy grasses. 
  • The Old Library - Woodsy, leathery, resinous with a touch of spice. Smells like an old wood-paneled library, leather-bound tomes & your local vintage bookstore.

This collection is and ode to core memories, peaceful nature and the little simple pleasures of life. It is unisex and offers something for everyone. None of our scents are heady, cloying or heavy; only graceful true-to-life multi-faceted blends. We hope it fills your home with your favorite nostalgia, peace and relaxation.

xo Avenoir Co